Reducing our Mercury Exposure

While there are studies being conducted to unearth the truth about full potential of mercury in damaging the human health, there is no denying the fact that mercury is surely one of the elements which can pose serious health risks. The health disadvantages make the life difficult especially for children and youth. Recent study suggests that mercury exposure can prove to be one of the reasons for causing autism.

While looking at the disadvantages of mercury for overall health, it remains no secret why modern dentistry strictly forbids the use of mercury in some of the dental treatments. Now, it has been unfortunate for most of the patients who would get silver fillings that they have been exposed to the threat of mercury right in their mouths all this time. Dental amalgams and silver fillings comprise of mercury by half of their content. When these fillings are put in their teeth, they start emitting mercury in the form of vapors. The resultant disadvantages include headache, mood swings, nervousness, insomnia, weakness and irritability.

Therefore, you can achieve the level of ideal health when you get the mercury reduced from your body. With that said, there are certain ways you can contain your exposure to mercury.

Removal of mercury filling

There is no reason to have the mercury filling remain there in your mouth especially when the health hazards of mercury are well-known. Although dental offices may have prohibited the use of mercury in the preparation of filling materials, the real need is to bring the patients to the offices and replace their mercury based fillings with the new and undamaging kind. Hence, patients should also make appointments with their dentists to get their mercury based fillings removed and get the new fillings in place.

Careful fish consumption

Fish has always been the source of healthy nutrients for the body. But fishes available now have mercury in their flesh. It’s not about the discovery of mercury in their bodies. It is more about the disaster caused by humans. Our factory wastes which are largely composed of mercury wastes are exposed in to the air and into the rivers and lakes. This waste-filled water is consumed and absorbed by the fish in rivers, lakes and the oceans. Hence, the fish you get to eat on your dinner table would definitely have fair amount of mercury. Eating this fish can be problematic for everyone including children and pregnant women.

Cosmetic products

According to FDA, most of the cosmetic products available in the market contain bigger amount of mercury. Most of these products are labeled as skin lighteners or any-ageing products. But you can easily find compounds of mercury in the list of ingredients. The general recommendation here is that you should avoid using such products.

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